We have great admiration for individuals who realize they need to change or expand their career and are willing to make the sacrifice to do so.  Everyone is busy just keeping up, so the commitment to attending classroom education can seem insurmountable.  That’s why we provide flexible scheduling to meet the needs of those currently working part or full time jobs.  We are also committed to making every minute you are in our class a minute of high education value.  Under the guidance of a seasoned real estate attorney, we provide education that gives more than just method.  We give the why and how of Arkansas real estate license law.  Our students are prepared to represent the public in real estate purchase and selling situations professionally with strong legal reasoning and training.  We think a true real estate professional knows more than just how to fill in the blanks on a pre-printed form.  We train so the student can explain each paragraph to his customer with confidence and depth.

Here’s how we deliver:

  • Sixty hour pre-licensing real estate sales associate class offered weekdays and weekends
  • Eighteen hour post licensing class offered weekdays and weekends
  • Make up classes are offered
  • Seven hour continued education classes offered in one day blocks or broken into up to three day blocks
  • Classes are approved and conform to AREC requirements but also offer some “custom content” upon request
  • Classroom is conveniently located at Rodney Parham and Cantrell Roads
  • With suitable group size, we will provide classes at business locations anywhere in Arkansas
  • Written materials provided in tuition price

Our tagline “Real Estate. Real Education” says that our goal is to give the student more than a piece of paper acceptable for licensing.  We think the student who is spending their precious time with us should get some real meat and potatoes to take away from our classes.  This can mean that a discussion of zoning may take the class to the parking lot for a look around at the land use in the real world.  We explain the statute of frauds, we don’t simply tell you that contracts must be written.

Our instructor is a licensed broker who has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry.  He worked as a full-time broker for four years before attending law school and passing the bar.  Beginning in 2011, he clerked for and then joined Wilson & Associates, a law firm with offices in Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi.  He practices in real estate title and closing matters when not instructing classes.