We understand that not all licensed real estate salespersons and brokers want to be committed full time to listing and selling real estate.  We know that the licensee spent a lot of time and money to get their license and that they have a strong interest in the field.  Monthly MLS fees, professional dues and desk costs can look too expensive at a full service real estate company.  We provide the happy medium.  Attorney’s Realty Group (ARG) is a real estate company licensed by the AREC.  ARG is not an MLS subscriber or member of trade associations.  Joining ARG costs the licensee the annual AREC license fee and a small processing fee.  That is all.  ARG allows the licensee to collect referral fees for giving leads on buyers and sellers anywhere in the US.

If you have a friend or family member planning to buy a property in New Orleans here is all you have to do.  Contact the ARG broker.  He will place the referral of your buyer with a competent successful broker in New Orleans, who will gladly agree to pay ARG 20% of the buyer side sales commission upon closing of a purchase by your lead.  Confirm with your lead the name and contact information of the New Orleans broker.  If the sale is $200,000 with a 6% commission, the sale portion of the commission is $6,000.  The commission to ARG is $1,200 and after the commission split with the ARG broker, your commission is $900.00  You have more than covered the cost of your licensing fee and if you do a few a year, you can have a nice vacation fund.  It works the same way with sellers.

Here’s what ARG does to help:

  • Hold and display your license in conformance with AREC regulation
  • File annual license renewal
  • Enters into a salesperson broker agreement to allow referral fee generation
  • Assists in placing and tracking progress on all referrals
  • Collects and disburses all referral fees
  • Coaches methods to think of and get referrals

We want to help you get value from your real estate license.  Not only do we help you keep your license, we want to keep you energized in looking for leads to generate referrals.  Those not trained in real estate are happy for guidance from those that have spent the time to learn the business.  We encourage you to connect the dots.

The ARG broker has over 15 years of experience and can and will guide you.  You will be glad you’ve gotten and kept up your license.  He is supported by a robust organization of real estate oriented businesses to help you succeed.