Our Immigration Department handles many types of employment-based and family-based immigration petitions. Our services include:

      • Guiding businesses through the PERM labor certification process in order to sponsor employees for green cards
      • Obtaining prevailing wage determinations, instructing on performance of mandatory recruitment, and submitting solid Labor Condition Applications and USCIS petitions in relation to temporary work visas
      • Reviewing companies’ I-9 records to assess employment verification compliance, and performing initial and on-going training to shore up weaknesses and update on federal enforcement
      • Guiding families through the petition process for their spouses, children, parents or siblings living overseas
      • Helping US citizens reunite with their foreign fiancés/fiancées
      • Assembling strong asylum applications for people fleeing persecution in their home countries
      • Helping permanent residents go through naturalization to become citizens of our great nation


Our Director of Immigration, Kathleen McDonald, has several years of experience in immigration law and speaks both Spanish and French. Designated an Abogada Consultora por Contratos FAMEU to the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, Kathleen is dedicated to helping businesses and families reach their potentials and contribute to their communities.

We know that anything involving immigration can be overwhelming, we know how important these matters are to our clients, and we welcome challenges. Contact us now for assistance with your immigration matters – our knowledgeable and passionate team wants to find the process that is best for you and guide you every step of the way.