At Wilson, our mission is to be the preeminent provider of legal and professional SERVICES. Supported by robust technology, we serve our clients by achieving the highest STANDARDS in each and every case with a commitment to quality, timeliness, and efficiency. To achieve these standards takes dedication to providing our STAFF a fulfilling work environment with a focus on personal growth and professional advancement. Wilson’s STRENGTH is its culture of excellence, ethics, and accountability, which SECURES long term profitable growth.

Our behavior defines what we do every day to support the mission. Our team is expected to exhibit these behaviors constantly and in so doing becomes our values.

  • KNOWLEDGE is important in our industry, but not just for our attorneys, for all our people. All of us want to be experts in our body of work.
  • We expect our work to be complete, to have INTEGRITY. In each case, process, or service we insist on doing the right thing all the time.
  • Our clients expect us to accept nothing less than EXCELLENCE in everything that we do. The quality of our services must be the best that can be found anywhere.
  • We hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE to our clients and to each other. We do what we say we will do.
  • The Wilson Pride is a fierce group and we are DETERMINED to be the best at whatever we do. That includes going the extra mile in our work, in our support for each other, and in our community.
  • Finally, we have fun and we approach every day with PASSION, eager to meet our clients’ expectations timely and accurately.